Sketch Wall: An Office Remodel of Sorts…

I’ve been contemplating what to do with the blank wall in my office for some time now, and it’s time to unleash the hounds.

At our house, coloring on certain walls is not forbidden, it’s mandatory!

Art is a particularly important part of life for our family. I’ve been actively drawing and painting since I was as young as Ezra (on the right in the navy shirt) around 4 years old. My wife, Heather, has also been drawing since she was a child and even went on to get a degree in graphic design! The bug bit us both when we were young and art has been an important part of the way we view life and even come together in our interests as a couple.

In light of our love for expression, imagination, and beauty, we have put a strong emphasis on opportunities for our children to take part in creation of art. It’s a major part of their homeschooling – whether it’s part of the curriculum or not – it’s part of the curriculum! No, we don’t expect them all to love it equally. We also don’t expect it to come naturally for all of them. But, we do offer opportunity and we seek to make it fun.

What could be more fun than drawing WITH PERMISSION on daddy’s office wall? Few things. I have to confess, selfishly, it keeps me from having to match the paint on the other walls in this room, buying paint, and painting the whole thing. It also frees me from the stress and obligation of putting together some amazing mural on that wall. This was the other option if I didn’t eventually paint it all the same color. As for me and my house, we shall have a sketch wall!